Friday, December 30, 2011

2012 Trends in Marketing and Impact on Brands from Landor

Hunter Communications recommended reading from:
Landor Associates

Link to report:
Landor's 2012 trends forecast: Market trends and their impact on brands

This is a terrific forecast broken into ten sub-articles:
Trends in naming by Jason Bice
Return of the boomers in the U.S. by Susan Nelson
Trends in trending by Karl Isaac
Trends in image sharing by Russ Meyer
Trends in luxury in China by Monica Au
Trends in innovation by Ayo Seligman
Trends in mobile by Felix Stöckle and David Keefe
Trends in on-demand media by Patrick Saunders
Trends in design by Marissa Winkler
Built to change by Allen Adamson

We were particularly interested in Karl Isaac’s “Trends in trending”  Here’s an exert from his article:

“As we look forward, we recognize there will always be value in annual trend reports. They’re well researched and present a depth of information that real-time trending simply can’t deliver. But what’s increasingly clear is that the emergence of “what's trending” is itself an upcoming trend impacting what we see (Charlie Sheen's #winning), what we don’t see (#occupywallstreet trending blocked by Twitter), and ultimately how we interact with content online. Facebook’s recent change to feeds organized by top stories instead of recent posts sparked a controversy, but sent a clear signal that trending is an increasingly significant influencer of user interaction.”

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