Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Dieline Awards 2012: Food Packaging, 3rd place, Thai Pomelo

(Part two of a weekly series of award-winning packaging design)

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The next product singled out by the 2012 Dieline Awards for innovations in packaging design only achieved a 3rd place finish in the food category, but its unique use of materials makes it noteworthy.  The package is a biodegradable sling made from the leaves of the invasive weed known as water hyacinth. The designers use this waste material to fashion something both useful, beautiful and eco-friendly to wrap and sell the Asian grapefruit relative known as pomelo.

Excerpt: "From world’s worst aquatic plant to unique designed package promoting Thai agricultural products.

This package is designed for a famous Thai pomelo of Chainat province, made of water hyacinth. This environmentally friendly package can draw consumers in, uplift high quality Thai fruits to premium or gift markets, and decompose easily within 3 months by burying it. Pomelo’s packaging design is inspired by The King of Thailand’s philosophy of sufficiency economy, highlights sustainability and self-reliance."

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