Saturday, July 21, 2012

London Olympics 2012: Team Fashion, the BAD

So you have seen some of the best of what we have been shown so far of the national team uniforms for the 2012 Summer Games. Are you ready now for some of the less successful attempts?

Team Australia has shown us two of their team uniform lines.  The opening ceremony outfits are really sedate, boxy and unfitted, and have given the team the look of what the local Aussie media describes as a local village bowling club:
Meanwhile the competition uniforms WOULD have been ok, but the rouching on the women's track jackets makes it all a bit unfortunate:

The UK home team has recruited star progeny Stella McCartney to design their competition uniforms, who went a bit random in using bits of the Union Jack in an odd dull gray-blue palette.  The design for the opening ceremony outfits have been described but not yet publicly shown, and are said to be gold Elvis jackets with tight white pants. We'll see if they live up to that billing!
But the prize for the most bizarre team uniforms so far goes to the team from cash-strapped Spain. Their uniform design was donated free of charge by Russian design house BoscoSport.  Unfortunately, sometimes you really DO get what you pay for:
So we really DO have a lot to both look forward to and dread in Olympic fashion this summer. And we can only imagine what delights have yet to be revealed on July 27th--see you there?!

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