Thursday, July 12, 2012

Neuro Drinks take "Smart Water" One Step Beyond

Neuro sells psychoactive drinks to boost mood
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Bottles Full of Brain-Boosters

After sport- and energy drinks, companies are now taking things a step further with "neuro drinks" that makers insinuate can boost mood, intelligence and memory with advanced neurotransmitter ingredients.  Do they work?  Maybe the kind of consumers that buy into the hype need any boost they can get in those areas...

Excerpt: "The drink, called NeuroSonic, is labeled with a cartoon silhouette of a head, with a red circle where its brain should be. A jagged line—presumably the trace of an EKG—crosses the circle. And down at the very bottom of the bottle, it reads, 'Mental performance in every bottle.'

My office is full of similar boxes: Dream Water (“Dream Responsibly”), Brain Toniq (“The clean and intelligent think drink”), iChill (“helps you relax, reduce stress, sleep better”), and Nawgan (“What to Drink When You Want to Think”). These products contain mixtures of neurotransmitters, hormones, and neuroactive amino acids, but you don’t need a prescription to buy them. I ordered mine on Amazon, and you can even find them in many convenience stores.

I unscrew the cap from one of them and take a gulp. NeuroSonic tastes like cherry and aluminum. I wait for my neurons to light up.

 While I wait I call nutrition scientist Chris Noonan, who serves as adviser to Neuro, the company that makes NeuroSonic and a line of other elixirs for the brain. The inspiration for NeuroSonic came from the huge success of energy drinks, the caffeine-loaded potions now earning over $6 billion a year in the United States. The company’s founder, Diana Jenkins, posed a question: 'Instead of just having a regular caffeinated energy drink, could we also include nutrients for cognitive enhancement and cognitive health?' Her team searched the scientific literature for compounds, eventually zeroing in on L-theanine, an amino acid found in green tea."

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