Wednesday, July 4, 2012

New "Companionable" Font Inspires Graphics World

New IDLEWILD typeface

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Now arriving: Idlewild

Who knew graphic artist-types could be so... poetic? waxes positively rhapsodic about the virtues of new IDLEWILD typeface, and demonstrates how the synergy of font "companionability" brings out new unexpected qualities in other run-of-the mill typefaces.

Excerpt: "For the longest time, we've been reaching for a typeface that wasn't there. We knew it was something spare and tranquil, its letterforms reaching ambitiously outward, and we could hear it speaking in hushed but captivating tones. We imagined it as industrious, combining space-age optimism with the confidence and composure of a master craftsman. We could see the typeface among the realm of satisfying things, objects designed not merely to be used but to be enjoyed: a well-balanced knife, a performance engine; the tool that fits the hand just so.

As the design took shape, we were happy to see it take on these qualities and more. Growing to five weights, from a precise Thin to a resolute Bold, Idlewild developed into a family of typefaces with poise and determination. What we never expected was how companionable it would be for so many of our other fonts, and how many different temperaments could be coaxed out of it."
CLAIM CHECK becomes "chic" paired with IDLEWILD

IDLEWILD brings out the "timeless" side of GOTHAM

IDLEWILD plus TUNGSTEN = "vintage"

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