Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Surprise! Buyers Like Boring Car colors...

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Today’s popular car colors rev no engines 

You may be surprised to find that American car buyers prefer the most boring shades imaginable. White, silver, black and grey are the top colors for the North American paint market, cementing a trend that started 20 years ago away from bright, saturated auto paint colors and into monochromatic colorless paints.

Excerpt: " DuPont, a maker of automotive coatings, has been tracking vehicle color popularity since 1953. On the company’s 2011 color popularity survey, the top four most common colors of North American vehicles were white (23 percent), black (18 percent), silver (16 percent) and gray (13 percent).


It hasn’t always been this way. “In the ’50s, there was more color,” said Nancy Lockhart, DuPont’s color marketing manager. “There was a lot of green, teals, aquas, blues, those types of colors. . . . Silver and white were not popular colors back then. Of course, today is the complete opposite.”

DuPont’s surveys, based on vehicle build data, show that the 1970s saw the rise of brown, yellow and orange as top colors. The 1980s added beige to the mix, along with blue. White started its ascendancy in the 1990s. (Red was popular for a while, too, and green had a brief run at the charts.) In the 2000s, white and silver started their domination."

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