Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Dieline Awards 2012: Editors' Choice, Spirit No. 13

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Stranger & Stranger Christmas 2011
Full Awards Page (may be too amazing to read all at once!)

"Easy Sippin! Good Mixin! Made Slow! Acts Fast!" The Stranger & Stranger Company released their Spirit No. 13 holiday special liquor in a package meant to recall the freewheeling claims of 19th-century Wild West snakeoil salesmen.  The label is a charming replica of old "medicinal cure" packaging, and it is wrapped in a brown paper bag reminiscent of old blaring newspaper ads for miracle cures and health quackeries.

Excerpt: "Description: Every year we create a limited edition product to mark Christmas and celebrate success with the people who support us to make it happen. After last year’s Absinthe, we went a bit ‘moonshine’ but more 'snake oil' and lo-fi (we think). Enormous fun was had writing all the ads for the bag as well as about 500 words on the bottle alone. Our favorites are 'for reliable fire lighting and sterilising of wounds'. "

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