Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Dieline Awards 2012: Student, 1st Place, Re-Envisioning Auto Zone

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Student Spotlight: Auto Zone
Full Awards Page (may be too amazing to read all at once!)

In the Dieline Awards 2012 competition, there was a special category for student designers who were asked to reimagine the design packaging strategy for an existing product or company.  The 1st place winner, Vinh Pho, took the mundane products of Auto Zone and reimagined them in the vein of an expensive designer line of personal care products.  His results are stunning.

Excerpt: "Description: The objective was to rebrand and redesign Auto Zone’s packaging and identity. The rebranding and repackaging of Auto Zone encapsoles a inviting experience with expressions of simplicity and professionalism. The craze of health and nutrition, was the driving force of the packaging concept; allowing Auto Zone to expand their user market through the redesign that encompasses these six key attributes: simple, professional, inviting, established, accessible and mobile."

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