Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Wanda Sykes Does Comedy Scent Branding for GAIN

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Wanda Sykes Hosts Interactive Gain Scent Matchmaker Studio

P&G's Gain detergent has it both ways.  In offering a wide range of scents matched to consumers' choices and lifestyles, they do some serious scent-based marketing.  Yet enlisting Wanda Sykes to host a range of interactive "questionnaire" clips on the brand's Youtube channel, and also using scent names like Flirty Fresh, Sweet Sizzle, Apple Berry Twist, Lemon Zest and Honeyberry Hula shows that the brand never loses its sense of fun and humor.

Wanda Sykes "hooks you up"
Excerpt: "On the brand's YouTube channel an interactive video questionnaire features Sykes as a virtual matchmaker ('like Cupid, for your nose!'), guiding users through a tongue-in-cheek personality test to determine the Gain variety scent best suited to their likes.

Also targeting the U.S. Hispanic market, the new campaign (now being promoted to its 1.1 million Facebook fans and with a promoted tweet) lets users toggle between English and Spanish language versions via a language selector button featured on the Gain YouTube video.

'We understand that different people have different scent preferences, scent memories and even experience scents in different ways, that's why we created this interactive experience to help consumers find their perfect scent match,' said Edwin Padilla, P&G North American Design Brand Manager for Gain, in a press release. 'At Gain we believe the fun doesn't have to stop when the cleaning starts, especially when you're surrounded by your perfect Gain scent match.' Naturally, P&G is offering a coupon as a call to sample the Gain family of laundry detergent."

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