Friday, August 24, 2012

Breakdancing Mickey Mouse Flash Mobs Times Square

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New “Master Moves Mickey” from Fisher-Price and Disney Takes Center Stage in Times Square

In a marketing blitz taken straight from the world of flash mobs, Disney and Fisher Price introduced the new breakdancing "Master Moves Mickey" (M3 for short) via a massive choreographed flash mob dance of children, parents and a sea of the new Mickey dolls in New York's iconic Times Square. 

Excerpt: "Master Moves Mickey – aka M3™ – is the third iteration of the popular feature plush Mickey Mouse that infuses the original Disney character plush with modern music and moves appealing to the next generation of fans and aspiring dancers. Master Moves Mickey features 15 ultra-cool break dancing moves that are hotter and hipper than ever, including the Windmill, the “Mouska” Mix, the Spin Cycle, the Insane Handstand and the Ham Sandwich, set to original tracks and funky beats.

'Master Moves Mickey was designed to encourage self-expression and confidence through dance and we know there is no better dance partner than a trusted friend like Mickey Mouse,' said Susie Lecker, senior vice president of Fisher-Price Friends. 'The M3 flash mob in New York is a great example of how Master Moves Mickey is providing inspiration and motivation to children of all ages, and now they’ll be encouraged to break out their very own dance moves with their pal, Mickey Mouse. Many children are naturally inclined to dance and this is a really fun way to tap that instinct.' ”

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