Wednesday, August 29, 2012

"Darling, You Smell Skinny!" Can Perfume Aid Weight Loss?

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New 'Weight Loss Perfume' Claims Women Can Smell Their Way Thin

We have seen miracle diets, the "shake weight", the silvery "sauna suit" and just about everything that can be eaten, drunk, worn or hoisted in the service of quick weight loss.

Now a British company has introduced the first women's perfume that claims to reduce the desire for snacks, aid fat burning and induce a feeling of pleasure and well-being. (How long before we see IT on the shelves of the 99-Cent Only store?)

Excerpt: " From shakes to pills to shapewear, it feels like every day, there's a new gimmick hitting shelves that promises to pare pounds. The latest: Prends-moi, the "world's first slimming fragrance." No, I don't kid.

The $50 perfume, currently available on the British market, claims to be brimming with a "Slimming Complex" of ingredients -- like caffeine, carnitine, and spirulina extract -- that activates two key enzymes directly involved in fat degradation. The scent is also said to help release endorphins that trigger a "pleasure message" within the brain. Really! And actual women report results!

Well, sort of. Apparently, in a small study of women 18-70 years old, who were not on a diet, 75 percent felt the perfume limited the need to snack and 73 felt a feeling of pleasure."

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