Friday, August 17, 2012

Edible Cup for Your Lavazza Coffee

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Italian Coffee Brand Introduces Edible Coffee Cup

If you prefer your coffee with a biscuit or cookie on the side, has Lavazza got an innovation for you! When it actually hits the market you will be able to drink your coffee, and then nibble on the sugar-coated pastry cup it came in. It looks delicious (though not sure what flavor the Lavazza logo might add).

Excerpt: "Here’s your simple, fun and creative idea for the day: An edible cup made out of pastry. It’s like an ice cream cone for your coffee! And it saves water (no ceramic to wash).

Created by renowned Venezuelan designer Enrique Luis Sardi for Italian coffee company Lavazza, the idea is basically 'sip the coffee then eat the cup.' Brilliant and simple enough to have won numerous awards."

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