Monday, August 6, 2012

Font of the Month: Knockout Scores on Points

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Rebelling against the expected standard font styles of regular, bold, italic and bold italic, Knockout is a really versatile sans-serif font that harkens back to the yellow journalism tabloid world of the 19th century. It is great for book and CD covers, headlines and subheadings.

Knockout's organization of widths and weights is rather unique, divided into Junior, Regular, Full and Ultra widths and a boxing themed Flyweight, Welterweight, Middleweight, Cruiserweight, Heavyweight, and Sumo letter weights. As usual, goes all philosophical on us in describing the virtues of the rock-em sock-em typeface.

Excerpt: "For more than a century before Helvetica, the sans serif landscape was dominated by unrelated designs. Gothic woodtypes in a dazzling array of proportions lived comfortably alongside anonymous foundry types, each design’s integrity the product of its autonomy.

Because none of these faces were intended to relate to one another, none of their design characteristics were beholden to any external constraints: what worked for a supercondensed boldface need only work for that design, not also for the extrawide light face whose design afforded different possibilities and faced different challenges. This sort of “situational” approach to type design allowed for more varied and interesting designs, and it’s this approach that Knockout celebrates.

With the functional benefits of a family that’s well-organized, and the visual appeal of styles that are individually designed, Knockout’s nine-width, four-weight family offers a range of voices that’s impossible to achieve with even the best Modernist sans serifs."

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