Saturday, August 25, 2012

Is Viddy the New Instagram? (If not, why is everyone asking?)

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Next Big Thing:  Is Viddy the New Instagram?

Percolating just under the new media surface for the last year, suddenly everyone from Justin Bieber to Mark Zuckerberg are signing up and singing the praises of mini-video sharing app Viddy.  The smartphone and web-based app allows user to upload, "beautify", publish and share videos with their social network and friends.  In the spirit of Twitter's 140 character limit, Viddy allows only 15-second snippets of video, which gives rise to a new breed of online shared videos that get right to the point and don't waste anyone's valuable data plans and online time...

Excerpt: "So what is Viddy? Well, like some of the hottest start-ups today it's primarily an app for your iPhone, Android smartphone, iPad or Windows Phone that quite similarly to Instagram let's you capture something, apply an effect and share it with your Twitter followers and put what you've watched into your Facebook Timeline.

But I'm not sure if Instagram needs to feel particularly threatened by Viddy. I think Google-owned YouTube is likely to feel a slightly threatened sensation and I think so because of the nature of videos being shared.

These tend to be short bursts of something novel, like a bloke bouncing off a trampoline into a wall. Once cat videos start going up, things will get interesting.

But there's something tricky about Viddy that I was quick to notice. While not quite as risqué as ChatRoulette videos, some of the videos watched and shared on Viddy and that have popped up on people's Timelines do offer plenty of innuendo. So when a friend shares something on Facebook publicly that would raise an eyebrow they probably didn't realise it went out on their Timeline.

Perhaps this is a problem with Timeline now, maybe you don't want people to know you've read a particular Guardian or Washington Post article or watched something on Netflix. And you didn't really get around to disabling the sharing function.

Luckily Viddy comes with an on/off switch for publishing material to your social graph. But bear in mind what you may find amusing or mildly titillating could potentially offend followers or give them the wrong idea about you. But that's the gauntlet we run in a socialised 2012."

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