Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Stephen Colbert, worthy of study?

Studying Colbert...
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Is It Stupid to Study Colbert?

The navel-gazing in the media world gets more and more prevalent.  Here we have an article about an article about another article about some books and college courses devoted to America's current king of political satire, Stephen Colbert. Talk about META!

Anyway, the articles that this article is about come from a couple of esteemed sources, the Washington Post and the Atlantic.  So if these two longstanding paragons of journalism feel that Colbert is a trending topic, then Twitter be damned!

Excerpt: "Academic attention to Colbert, in general, stems from the idea that what he is doing is politically insightful, socially relevant, and artistically complex.

You don't just study Colbert to help his fans "get" his show. You study his work to understand the role it has played in a unique historical moment, one that has witnessed the rise of corporate influence over politics, the atmosphere of post-9/11 fear-mongering, and a new era in news media where spectacle and sensationalism often overshadow reporting of accurate and appropriate information.

The subjects of Colbert's satire cover the range of pressing social issues facing us today. And his distinctive satirical style teaches viewers that logic, reason, and facts have been increasingly replaced by punditry, hubris, and false arguments. Moreover, he has redefined the parameters of what it means to be a public intellectual and a socially invested entertainer.

The point is Colbert is much more than a media phenomenon, a hilarious entertainer, and a charismatic iconoclast. Do you need to study Colbert to "get" him? Probably not. But if you are interested in diving more deeply into his satire and its social impact or if you are curious about how his comedy reflects contemporary issues facing our nation, it might not be so stupid to study him after all."

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