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The Dieline Awards 2012: Food Packaging, 2nd place, De Hortus Honey

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Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam
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Second place in another food packaging category went to a package that expressed the essence of the product itself.  De Hortus Botanicus honey, a rich and expensive honey from Amsterdam, suspended its jar in a box with a die-cut drip that turned the jar into a clear orb in the middle of a golden drop of honey. Besides creating a perfect visual analogue for the product, the designers created an easy package for gifting, a flat square box to contain the round jar.

Excerpt: "The Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam is one of the few botanic gardens with its own bees. The bees produce their honey with the nectar of a unique collection of flowers, resulting in a very refined taste and unique texture. Only 200 pots of the Hortus Honey are produced per year. When purchasing this honey, visitors support the Hortus in protecting and maintaining the garden and greenhouses. The concept of the drop of honey was chosen to reflect its pure essence. Communicating it as a precious product. Every single drop is valuable.

The ball shaped bottle, once filled, is also very close in appearance to a honey drop. When placed in the inner box, the lid becomes invisible, for this reason the jar-ness (as a piece of packaging) is virtually disappearing. The idea of a drop of honey takes over. The drop shaped die-cut is on both sides of the box, so the light can go through the jar.  Consumers can see the exact colour and texture of the product."

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