Saturday, August 4, 2012

USC keeps up winning Olympic Gold streak

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The Olympian Factory: USC Trojans and Gold Medals

This week in London, USC kept up its century-long winning streak in the Summer Olympics. Every Summer games since 1912 has featured at least one Olympic Gold performance from a USC student or alumnus. And this is just a part of the extraordinary success of USC at the Olympics. If it were a country, its Olympic record would place it 17th in the world (and 12th in the world for gold medals).

Excerpt: "When it comes to adding up the total number of Olympians who have attended USC, the results are staggering. Since 1904, 396 Trojan athletes have competed in the Games taking home 123 gold medals. This includes at least one gold in every summer Olympics since 1912—not to mention the 78 silver medals and 61 bronze medals USC alumni have won. If USC competed as its own country, it would rank 17th on the all-time medal list, and those 123 gold medals alone would place it 12th on the all-time gold medal list, according to USC Athletic Director Pat Haden. We’re talking major hardware here.

“There’s been a long continuum of success here since the 1920s. I think young athletes watch the Olympics and see USC Trojans competing and want to come here." It started in 1904, when USC's first Olympian, Emil Breitkreutz won a bronze medal in the 800-meter run at the St. Louis Olympics. Since then, no American university has sent more athletes to the Olympics than USC’s near 400 total, five of which have been inducted into the United States Olympic Hall of Fame. Over the decades, USC’s rep has set the bar high, and pushes it higher every Games"

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