Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Arclight Anniversary Promo Starts Goofy Photo Meme

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How a Mortifying Arclight Promo Became a Silly Meme

When local LA radio host Kevin Ryder mistakenly chose his WORST shot for an Arclight Cinemas 10th Anniversary promotion, it set off a chain of events that led to a new meme called "Kevining". His fatuous, out-of-it pose, staring off into the distance with thumbs dumbly turned up, became a symbol for ironic coolness disguised as silly stupidity.

Excerpt: " 'Kevining' an awfully silly internet trend that accidentally started when Kevin Ryder of 'Kevin and Bean' agreed to do a promo for the Arclight's 10-year anniversary. Because of a mix-up, the photo with the goofiest pose ended up being chosen. In the photo, Kevin is smiling while staring off dumbly into the space above the camera while giving a half-assed thumbs-up. See for yourself.

KROQ asked listeners to send in photos of themselves 'Kevining,' and the trend has taken off (and gotten its own tumblr and Urban Dictionary entry, obviously)."

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