Monday, September 10, 2012

Logos, Cheap to $$$$$!

Not bad, but $211 million worth?
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The Cost of A Logo

Small startups generally have little or no money to pay for their logos and brand marketing, while let's face it, big multinationals are ROLLING in it!  So here we see the amusing situation where small brands who strike it big have often stuck with the logos which cost them in the single digits (or less), and big companies have rolled out their new logos after expensive marketing research and planning, at the cost of tens of millions!

Excerpt: "Of course, the worth of a logo is a famously hard thing to determine. The very fact that a simple or low-key design often works far better than something intricate or brightly coloured means traditional methods for calculating how much to charge - using things like time and experience - are often thrown out the window. As such, some of the most famous logos of all time have been commissioned for next to nothing, while astronomical sums have been paid for designs most people wouldn't think about twice (not that that's necessarily a bad thing). So here you have it, a run down of logos, spanning a price spectrum of $0 to $211 million USD.

 The Nike "Swoosh" is perhaps one of the most well-known "cheap" logos - costing the sports brand just $35 USD when co-founder Phil Knight commissioned graphic design student Carolyn Davidson back in 1971. When it was finished, Knight said "I don't love it… but I think it will grow on me."

The iconic logo has remained relatively unaltered since its conception, with the only change being made in 1995 when the brand ditched the Nike text that used to be cradled within the Swoosh, opting for a simpler, stand-alone Swoosh instead. As a thank you for her work, Phil Knight gave Davidson a golden Swoosh ring with an embedded diamond in 1983, as well as an undisclosed amount of shares in the company - supposedly $600,000 worth"

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