Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Microsoft Introduces 1st new Logo Design in 25 Years

Out with the old, and in with the new MS logo...
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Microsoft Swaps Its Logo

You MUST know it on sight, the thick, forward leaning squared-off italics, the conjoined final "f" and "t".  It's the ubiquitous corporate logo for Microsoft, and to coincide with a new direction for flagship operating system Windows 8, the mega corporation is going for something simpler, thinner, humbler, and with a common touch.

Excerpt: "Microsoft just rolled out the most significant change to its iconic corporate logo since 1987, trading curves for straight lines and black-and-white for vivid colors. It’s not just the four-color Windows icon that’s morphed, either — swapping its twisty “page in the wind” look for a clean-lined, four-block stack — but the company name itself.

Instead of the classic thick, black, italicized font Microsoft’s used for decades, the new company logo is a study in simpler, thinner lines and grayscale coloring.

And in case you’re wondering, that font is Segoe, which Microsoft’s been gradually working into its product family for some time (Microsoft owns the trademark, though the font was originally developed by type foundry Monotype). It’s what’s known as a “Humanist” typeface, meaning there’s little variation in stroke width, and the x-height — the distance between the baseline and the mean line — is relatively low (for more on this, and some serious font wonkery, see here).

The logo change comes in advance of Microsoft’s flagship operating system reboot, Windows 8, due on Oct. 26 — a radical rethinking of the world’s most widely used operating system."

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