Wednesday, September 19, 2012

New Grammar Checker online service takes spell check lightyears further!

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Link to article: Launches Free Grammar Checking Service for Writers

Hard as it may be to believe, maybe we need more help in our writing than a spell check can provide.  A new free online service takes the concept so much further, and corrects anything you can cut and paste into the test box on their website for problems in grammar, punctuation, usage and style issues.

Excerpt: " 'We created this online service for a simple reason—help people improve their writing,' explains the representative of 'This free, easy-to-use tool is useful for professional writers, non-native speakers who are learning English, and even people with dyslexia. We’ve made our service completely free to use because we want every person to have the opportunity to be the best writer they can be.'

One of the things that makes innovative is that it was designed to help people with dyslexia ( Those who have dyslexia can use this free online program to check their text to make sure they are using the correct grammar, punctuation, spellings, and words. The program even checks for contextual spelling mistakes to ensure the writer does not accidentally use the wrong word in the text.

Anyone can use this free grammar checker, and there is no need to download any software.
'The great thing about our program is that it’s easily accessible for anyone with an internet connection. You simply paste your text into the application on our website, and it will instantly scan the content for mistakes. Then it provides a detailed report identifying all issues and offering simple suggestions for improvements and corrections,' he continued."

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