Thursday, September 20, 2012

Oregon Builder Introduces Prefab "IKEA" House

Ideabox's IKEA-inspired AKTIV house
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Step Inside the First "IKEA House"

It created a sensation on the blogosphere when the story first appeared, although it was more often than not mis-reported.  IKEA did not create the "Aktiv" prefab, 745 square foot house, though Oregon-based Ideabox did work in cooperation with a Portland-area IKEA in planning and furnishing it. The small modern house is marketed as a sort of cabin alternative, and achieves great economy by being factory-built and assembled on site.

Excerpt: "As generations of cramped apartment-dwellers can attest, part of the Ikea allure (besides the fact that its furnishings are cheap and pack flat) is that the broad range of design options lets you get the most out of a small space. For example, Russell says, the variety of Ikea kitchen options gives customers design flexibility and the ability to mix and match Ikea products in the space, choosing for both style and cost. He designed the 745-square-foot one-bedroom, one-bathroom home around specific Ikea components, and the designers from the local Portland store worked directly with Ideabox to ensure the builders had all the parts they needed (there was no room for the frustration of a missing bolt on a commercial-scale project). In all, he says, building an Aktiv will cost about $86,500.

'We like our houses to pop," Russell says. "Our goal was to build a house that is very cool to be in and around, and our bent on modern design is to try and take advantage of what the prefab way of building offers in terms of size and volume.' "

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