Thursday, September 13, 2012

"Uninvited Redesign" Offers American Airlines a New Image

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A Hyper Cool (And Controversial) Rebranding For American Airlines

 A recent internet invention, "uninvited redesign" has given artists and graphic designers a chance to reimagine an existing corporation's visual identity, free from any constraints that come with working for an actual client.  This year a Boulder ad agency reached out to American Airlines' CEO, with an offer to use crowd-sourcing and $10,000 in prizes to come up with a new and exciting image for the bankrupt aviation legend.

Excerpt: "The invitation has spurred dozens of redesigns. One of the best came from Cyprus-based designer Anna Kövecses, whose no-nonsense, vaguely retro aesthetic lends itself to the company’s historic brand. The concept won the young designer $1,000 from Victors & Spoils, along with valuable media exposure. “My aim was to strip down the AA identity to the core and this meant building down the whole design to match this core as well,” Kövecses says over email. “For me, this core expectation has turned out to be safety. I wanted to design something that makes people feel safe because it visually meets up to the extremely high technology of aviation, the security and flawless on and off board services provided, and reflects the great history and experience behind American Airlines.”

In muted greys and blues, set off by a wood grain highlight texture, the boarding pass and website exude a quiet calm. Simple, readable Helvetica signage and subtle nods to AA’s post-War heyday round out the identity. But Kövecses explains that her vision comes from a deeper consideration of AA’s brand. “I tried to look at the whole problem from a Dieter Rams-inspired point of view and find out what this company is about, what people expect from this company,” she explains over email. “Then visualize exactly that expectation, not less, not more.”

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