Thursday, September 20, 2012

USA Today Unveils New Logo, Hilarity Ensues

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Taking Pointers From Web Sites, USA Today Modernizes Its Look


America's second most popular newspaper has undergone its first big makeover, in an attempt to look more like a webpage. and its familliar blue square logo is replaced by a circle that changes colors and theme to reflect the section of the paper and the stories therein (prompting a hilarious reaction from the ubiquitous Colbert Report!)


Excerpt: "USA Today, with its colorful omnipresence on airport newsstands and outside the doors of hotel rooms, is showing off its new look on Friday. And the makeover for the newspaper, based just outside the Washington Beltway, comes straight from Silicon Valley.

Its weather map is sleeker. Its television listings feature conventional television programs while also providing descriptions of related highlights online. Its “Your Say” pages include reader comments from Twitter and Facebook. And as the newspaper starts to look more like a Web site, its new Web site, which is being unveiled this weekend, will function more like an iPad, with a smoother scroll from page to page.

'We are really trying to reinvent a news business,' said Larry Kramer, the paper’s president and publisher, as he sat in a conference room at its glassy high-tech suburban headquarters, reminiscent of the offices where James Bond receives his orders from M. 'We are trying to think of USA Today not as a newspaper, but as a news company.' 

(Don't miss Stephen Colbert's sidesplitting rejoinder, especially his examination of the various color circles in each section of the paper...) 

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