Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Apple Trying Biodegradable Packaging

This pulpy mess once held an earpod!
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Want to Dispose of Apple’s iPod Packaging? Just Add Water

Apple is quietly testing biodegradable packaging materials with the latest edition of its Ipod players. The tapioca starch-based material quickly dissolves into loose pulp when the earpod case is immersed in water.

Excerpt: "Apple’s long been a leader in product package design and has often touted how eco-friendly its products are (though not all always agree). However this is the first time, in our memory, we’ve ever seen a portion of Apple’s packaging that could all but disappear in warm water.

The EarPod case doesn’t completely disappear, but when placed in warm water, it pretty soon becomes pliable, and soon falls apart. After a few minutes, the result is a bunch of pulp (see inset photo). Do not, however, try to dip the iPhone 5‘s EarPod case into water. That thing is all hard plastic."

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