Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Arby's Logo Re-branding Gets "Meh" Reviews

Old stylized Arby's logo vs new

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Nearing Its 50th Birthday, Arby's Gets A 'Fresh' Makeover, New Logo

The 48-year old roast beef and curly fries fast food chain, Arby's, is retooling its image, menu, and now even its venerable logo. The new turkey sandwiches and lava cake may be tasty, but reviewers are spitting out the dumbed-down and revamped logo. What was stylish and Wild West is now middlebrow corporate modern, and ill thought out.

Excerpt: "Arby's has just about 3,500 restaurants globally, compared with Subway's 34,000, according to Bloomberg. And the chain's gotten low ranks for its food in a couple of big diner surveys, including this one from Consumer Reports last year. So it was ready to make some changes.

One of the changes was to the logo. While the iconic ten-gallon hat remains, the font that sits on the brim is now smaller and more modern-looking, sporting a deeper shade of red.

Over at the branding blog, Brand New, they're lamenting the change:

'The Arby's giant hat logo is one of the most fun fast food chain logos: oversize and over-Western'd without any excuses. Their classic road signs, sadly less common now, are always a sight to behold. Even what looks like cheesy typography is a very nice, condensed bit of slab serif that filled in the hat properly. The new logo retains the hat shape, along with some unfortunate 3D extrusion, but replaces the typography with some flavorless, sans serif with a lowercase 'a' and the sharpest, biggest (and is that shiniest?) apostrophe that no logo ever needed.'

As part of its makeover efforts, Arby's plans to add as many as 12 new products this year, Chief Marketing Officer Russ Klein says. The chain introduced hot turkey sandwiches this month and plans to branch out widely, perhaps to a peppermint milk shake, a molten lava cake and miniature sandwiches, he tells Bloomberg."

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