Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Arclight Encourages Ipads During Movie Event

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Movie Theater Encourages Patrons to Play With Ipads

Second Screen Live!, a cooperation between See It First and the Arclight Cinemas, is one event where patrons WON'T be chided for leaving their Ipads on during the film.  A special screening of THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS will entertain viewers with interactive games, trivia, and singalongs they can access on their Ipads during the film.

Excerpt: "The event description, posted by Movies in LA, promises “fun challenges, speed trivia, sing-alongs,” prizes and more at the planned screenings, which are happening October 22 in Sherman Oaks and October 24 in Pasadena. So this isn’t a normal screening — it’s not like the ArcLight is bringing iPads into the Saturday matinee showing of Seven Psychopaths. The Nightmare event is more akin to the Disney movie sing-alongs hosted at a bar in my neighborhood. I wouldn’t normally tolerate drunken idiots yelling at the screen, but in that context I’ll happily make an exception.

On the other hand, if this event goes well, you can bet there’ll be many more like it. And the more common iPads become in movie theaters, the more normalized that kind of despicable behavior becomes. Some exhibitors have already floated the idea of separate “text-friendly” screenings for those who can’t bear to turn off their precious iPhones for 100 minutes, and this seems like a step in that direction."

Note: Hunter Communications handles marketing at the Sherman Oaks Galleria, home to ArcLight Sherman Oaks.

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