Thursday, October 11, 2012

Auto Dashboards: Good Graphics Saves Lives?

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How Better Typography Could Reduce Car Crashes 

Automakers strive for a unified, attractive look throughout their products, right down to the stylized dashboard displays. New research shows that switching from an artsy, squared-off typeface to a more legible "humanist" font decreases the length of time a driver needs to read dash information, speeds up reaction time and reduces the likelihood of a serious accident.
Excerpt: "The researchers were looking to measure drivers’ 'glance time,' literally the amount of time their eyes drifted over to the device (and off the simulated road). Curiously, the two typefaces produced little change in glance time for the female drivers. But for the men, the results were significant. ('The gender issues here are a fluke of psychology,' Reimer posits, and they might relate to the different ways that women process information or interact with this type of technology.)

Across the two studies, the men required 10.6 percent less time to read the humanist text than the square grotesque. This may not sound like a lot, but that’s the equivalent of about 50 feet in distance in a car traveling at typical highway speeds.

'In the vehicle, fractions of seconds are the difference between avoiding accidents and colliding with things,' Reimer says. At 65 miles per hour, you cover 95 feet every second in a car. 'In most other environments that we think of, the safety benefit from fractions of a second doesn’t have the consequences it does in a vehicle. Even in aviation, encroachments between planes are measured in minutes, not seconds.'"

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