Thursday, October 25, 2012

Director Punks Screening Audience Dressed as Arclight Usher

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Rian Johnson Dressed Up as Arclight Employee, Introduces 'Looper'

We've heard of "Don't quit your day job".  Filmmakers for years have snuck into theatres and test screenings to gauge audience reaction, but writer/director Rian Johnson took a novel approach at the midnight screening that led off the opening of "Looper" at the Arclight Cinemas.  He dressed in the official Arclight usher uniform, strode to the front of the theatre and recited the film introduction that employees would use, word for word.

Excerpt: "Hopefully after the release of the excellent film Looper, writer/director Rian Johnson will enter the elite group of filmmakers that film fans recognize on the street. That, obviously, has not happened yet. Thursday night, Johnson posed as an usher at Arclight Cinemas in Hollywood, CA and introduced the midnight screening of his film. He didn’t say he was the director. He dressed like a normal employee and gave the same speech that preceeds every single screening at the Arclight. Very few people were in on the joke...

If you’ve never been to Arclight, it’s important to restate that every single screening has an introduction just like this, almost word for word, and every employee wears not only the blue shirt, but that weird name tag and everything. Johnson was perfectly disguised. He just happened to be the writer and director of the film these hundreds of people were so excited for, they went to a midnight screening. I’m glad a few people chuckled and were in on the joke."

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