Friday, October 26, 2012

Men Outdo Women in Shopping for Online Fashion

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Male Shoppers Outdo Women as Web Offers Haven From Mall

Men often HATE the retail shopping experience of going to a mall and trying on clothes in the dressing room.  For them it is a task, while for women it is more like a sport.  So a new breed of online men's fashion retailers is cashing in by encouraging guys to do their clothes shopping in one fell swoop.

Excerpt: "Men who have had to live with department stores designed primarily for women are flocking to websites such as Bonobos and Thrillist that push convenience and a fast shopping experience. And these sites are capturing a growing part of the $41 billion fashion e-commerce market by providing services like recommending items based on personality or shipping trunks of clothes to a guy’s home so he can pick.

'Men don’t hate fashion, they just hate shopping the way it’s designed for women,' said Ben Lerer, founder of Thrillist, which gives men tips for activities or products and then sells them. 'The young generation of guys love to shop, they love to talk about the brands they like and they really care about how they look.'

While women’s share of the online clothing market is still more than double men’s, the men’s market is growing faster, at a 13 percent annual rate compared with 10 percent for women, according to NPD Group, a consumer tracking service. And that growth gap is seen by many as about to get wider.

'It’s an area of e-commerce that companies are only just now starting to really figure out,' said Joshua Goldman of Norwest Venture Partners, who specializes in retail deals."

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