Tuesday, October 16, 2012

NYC Brands Metro Cards with Paid Logos

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Mind the Gap: NYC Rolls Out Doubled-Sided Branded MetroCards

It used to be that the only name on a transit card was the name of the Transit Authority itself. Now, the NY MTA has reversed years of tradition and introduced a new Metro Card with branded business ads and logos on both sides. Softening the blow of commercialization, at least many of the branded advertisements can be used for discounts at companies such as the Gap.
Excerpt: "New York City’s subways and buses have about 8.5 million riders every day. Transit cards are carried by everybody from construction workers to hedge-fund managers and tourists from across the globe, to nannies minding children and rap stars who own basketball teams and concert/sports venues. And now the MTA has finally debuted a way for marketers to reach that card-clutching audience by placing advertisements on both sides of the MetroCard.

In the launch campaign for the two-sided branding opportunity, New Yorkers may find themselves swiping cards with Gap ads across the front of them that not only spread the Gap name but offer 20 percent discounts for those that visit the retailer’s new flagship store — the first ad to appear on the front of a MetroCard, the fare payment medium on all New York City subways and buses, since the mid-1990s."

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