Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Open Dyslexia Font Faces Legal Challenge

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Font Designed to Help Dyslexic Individuals Gets Legal Threat

Open Dyslexia, the font we mentioned last week that was designed to aid in the reading challenges that dyslexic people face, has a few challenges of its own now.  Abelard Gonzalez, the designer of Open Dyslexia, was contacted by font designer Christian Boer (who sells an alternative font called dyslexie for $69 USD per "single-use" license) to "cease and desist" distributing the free font.  Apparently Boer (who used the same free Bitstream-Vera-Sans font in designing HIS version) was not pleased to see a free font competing with his in the marketplace.  It's a brand war in the typography world!

Excerpt: "Abelardo had already released the font for free and was not planning on backing down, which was probably the exact opposite of the reaction Boer wanted. The fact that Boer felt threatened enough by a free font shows just how weak his position is. Abelardo even admits that Boer's font is better and has become even better as a result of having more competition in the market. So why does Boer feel the need to threaten the competition? Shouldn't the fact that he can provide a better alternative be enough incentive for people to seek him out? Or perhaps, if people and companies are turning to cheaper or free alternatives, maybe it's a sign that he might be charging too much?"

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