Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Color Theorist Says "Black is the New Black" for Spring 2013

Dark messages from Spring 2013 runways
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The Dark Side of Spring 2013

ARTINFO contacted noted color theorist Thomas Bosket, a professor at Parsons The New School for Design, to analyze the color messages in the Spring 2013 fashion shows, and found that the dark hues and heavy return to black are a cry for security in a tough economic time.  The "friendly black" of spring runways is a color, rather than a void of nothingness, providing an armor against today's uncertainties.

Excerpt: "So why is black so pushy this season? Bosket theorizes that, like the rest of us, it just has to work a little harder in the current economy.' Matisse used black as a color, he didn’t use it as nothingness. You don’t fall through the canvas, it rises through the surface. It’s meant to give people a sense of security,' he said. 'I just feel like things are tough, and if you see that lack in your daily experience, if black is used as it’s traditionally been used, as a nothingness, that’s scary. It’s a reminder of that lack.'

Bosket said to think of the new, friendlier black like the lines in a Mondrian painting, which stand out just as much as the bold shapes they’re supporting. Mary Katrantzou used blocks of darkness to structure her spring 2013 patterns, much like Proenza Schouler, whose network of inky lines Bosket compared to armor. And, like armor, black that’s used in a weak economy is meant to protect. 'It feels solid,' Bosket said. 'It feels like it’s rallying its forces. It’s pulling things together and hanging the rest of the colors off of this black hub, rather than a black hole where the color kind of shines out of it.' ”

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