Friday, November 16, 2012

Crunch Fitness to Add SurfSET Surfing Workout

RipSurferX for SurfSET class training
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NY Daily News

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Indoor Surfing Is the Next Big Wave In Fitness

Want to work out with the skills of surfers? Or just want to develop the lean, muscular body of a surfer?  SurfSET, a new fitness company which bases its workout regime on the strength and core balance required for surfing, is rolling out workout classes at CRUNCH FITNESS in New York (and launching in California locations in January 2013).

Excerpt: "In November the class will debut at New York's Crunch Fitness and Chelsea Piers, with classes set to be offered in Connecticut, California and Colorado by January. Crunch Fitness plans to also offer classes in Miami, Los Angeles and San Francisco next year, and according to head of marketing Nicholas Karwoski, the California-based company also aims to expand its classes to Vancouver and Toronto in 2013. 

Taught by SurfSET-certified trainers, the class uses a device called RipSurferX that shifts and moves in ways similar to a surfboard with pulleys to mimic paddling in the water. The result: a lean, ripped body thanks to the technique's 'isometric instability' and 'rotational core training,' at least according to the company.  The cost of a class averages around $30, or if you want to take the RipSurferX home, you can order it online for $450."

 Note: Hunter Communications handles marketing at the Burbank Town Center, home to Crunch Fitness Burbank

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