Thursday, November 15, 2012

Pleasant Smells Make us Kinder to Strangers?

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The Smell Of Fresh Baked Bread Makes Us Kinder To Strangers

If you want people to be good samaritans, surround them with delicious smells like fresh baked bread. At least that is the finding of a new behavioral study from the University of Southern Brittany, in France. An experiment compared passersby who noticed that a shopper dropped an item outside a clothing store to those outside a fresh bakery, and found that the appetizing smell of baked bread brought out the most altruistic behaviors. Scent marketers, take note!

Excerpt: " While other studies have connected pleasant smells to better moods in the past, the new study sought to make a concrete tie between aromas and good deeds.

The researchers recruited eight young men and women to volunteer to stand outside either a bakery or a clothing boutique, reports Zee News India.

The volunteers then pretended to be looking for something in their bags as they stepped in front of a passing shopper. When they walked a few feet in front of the shopper, the participants dropped a glove, handkerchief or packet of tissues, while two researchers observed from about 60 ft. away.

According to the Independent, the experiments -- which were repeated about 400 times -- found that when the volunteers dropped the items outside the bakery, 77 percent of strangers stopped to help recover the lost item and hand it back to the owner.

Outside the clothing store, however, only 52 percent of strangers helped."

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