Monday, November 12, 2012

Rio Summer Olympics 2016 Unveils Official Font

Rio 2016 official font
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Rio Unveils Official font for 2016 Olympics

Eager to avoid the mistakes of London 2012, whose logo and font were widely panned, the organizers of Rio 2016 have released an informal, Brazilian-styled font for its upcoming Olympics. Even though the response is a bit "meh" or "it's okay", that's a lot better than the active hatred the UK organizers faced.

Excerpt: "The official typeface for the Rio 2016 Olympics was released recently and it looks exactly like a font for a Brazilian Games should. That's neither a compliment nor an insult. Opinions vary on the font. I think it's okay. One colleague said it's a 'whack verison of Lucida Handwriting.' But compared to the universally-despised font used at the London Olympics, Rio's might as well be Helvetica.

Dalton Maag, the Swiss typographers who designed the new font, could have yanked a spelling test from the desk of any third grader in Santa Teresa and used their handwriting as the font and it would have been an improvement over the one used in this summer's Games. One site said London's official typeface, 2012 Headline, was the 'worst new public typeface of the last 100 years.' (And somehow it still wasn't as bad as London's logo.)

Rio didn't have a high bar to clear. The font is fun, evocative and distinct."

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