Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Auto Enthusiast Site Chooses Coolest Logos of all Time

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Best Car Logos of All Time

They are mostly from long-dead brands, but some of them are dazzling in their design, or at least their boldness. A racing car with a tortoise for its coat of arms shield?! Jalopnik chooses the coolest logos, and even opines about the reasons a too cool logo almost dooms the car brand to ultimate failure.

Excerpt: "Now, some classic car emblems are heralded as great by millions of adoring fans, but they're usually pretty boring. Ferrari makes fantastic cars, so you find the cavallino badge everywhere. On flags, grafitti'd onto buildings, tattooed onto people's butt cheeks, all over the place. Just because the cars are cool, though, doesn't mean the logo is anything more than a doodle of a horse in a rectangle. BMW is a blue-and-white circle. Nothing special.

Great car logos can come on really terrible cars. In fact, they come almost exclusively on cars that sucked. Six out of ten car companies on this list are out of business and there's another that's nearly on life support as it is. Our theory is that these emblems were just so cool that the car-buying public couldn't handle them.

Also, since these are specifically car company logos, we did not include emblems specific to a model of car, not a marque. That means we had to leave off things like the Mustang, the dragon/boat thing that was on the Celica, and a bunch of other cool emblems."

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