Monday, December 3, 2012

Buick Considers Changing its Logo

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Detroit Free Press

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GM Considers Revamping Buick Logo

The old traditional lineup at GM is gone, no longer does one trade up from Chevrolet to Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Buick and finally Cadillac. But of the remaining GM brands, Buick is doing just fine, thank you, and may be celebrating its renewed youth and vigor with a new updated logo.

Excerpt: "It would be the first redesign for the logo in at least a decade. The badge features three side-by-side shields enclosed in a circle. The logo is currently all chrome, but Reuss hinted that could change, too.

Spokesmen for the Buick brand declined to confirm or dispute Reuss' comments.

Redesigning a brand logo is an extremely sensitive process that can send enthusiasts and longtime customers into a frenzy. But Buick has been repositioning itself as an attractive choice for younger affluent consumers.

'There's people who can look at the badge of a car and know exactly what they are and what time period they're from,' said Jeremy Dimick, curator of collections at Sloan Longway's Alfred P. Sloan Museum and Buick Gallery in Flint.

It's not clear what's fueling the consideration, but industry experts are quick to point out that the Chinese car market is driving Buick strategy. Buick has had a long history in that country and has been perhaps the most important contributor to making GM the largest western automaker in China."

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