Monday, December 24, 2012

Comcast Adds NBC Peacock to Logo

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Comcast Takes NBC Peacock Hostage

In a corporate branding headscratcher, Comcast (owner of Xfinity AKA Comcast Cable, Comcast Ventures, and NBCUniversal, among others) has quietly replaced its longstanding logo with a new one that prominently features the NBC peacock logo on top. The lowercase typeface of the former logo is replaced with all caps, and the new custom font is a bit of a mishmash itself, the letters starting with rounded ends on top and finishing at the bottom with flat ends. And the several brands of the Comcast corporation feature several different versions of old and new Comcast logos. Maybe eventually it will be streamlined into one corporate brand?

Excerpt: "In an extremely surprising move, Comcast has adopted the NBC peacock as its own logo. This is mind-blowing for a number of reasons. (1) When NBCUniversal redesigned, the decision was made that this corporate mark should have neither the peacock nor Universal’s globe; a decision I commended and still do; and now you have a corporate name that doesn’t even include the word NBC and there, like a crown, it sits on top of Comcast. It’s impossible to look at the peacock and NOT think NBC, forcing you to read the logo as NBCComcast. (2) Moving the peacock into corporate territory where it now becomes an ambassador for a technician making you wait at home for a window of 4 hours to repair your cable or internet connection is absolutely counterproductive: The NBC peacock logo should stand for television entertainment alone and focus on elbowing its way back into its equally iconic networks logos and their ongoing rivalries.

Diluting that brand — which stands for Today, the Olympics coverage, The Voice (hey, I don’t make the ratings), Parks and Recreation and all the way back to Seinfeld and Friends — in favor of corporate appearances feels like a mistake. And (3) just look at the Comcast logo and name line-up below: This is one of the most confusing brand architectures where names and logos are crudely interchangeable — it makes Mr. Potato Head look organized."

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