Monday, December 17, 2012

Streetcars to Roll Again in Downtown LA

A streetcar on Broadway in early 1963.(Electrical Railway Historical Assn.)
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Los Angeles Times

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Streetcar Line Called Downtown's Missing Link

After decades of false starts, the renaissance of downtown Los Angeles is finally in full bloom. To enable tourists and local residents to get around better in the downtown core (Civic Center, Music Center, Staples Center, fashion district) urban planners have brought back an old staple, streetcars, which downtown residents have recently approved by a huge margin.

Excerpt: "Voters in downtown Los Angeles this week approved key financing for a $125-million streetcar project that might finally put this theory to the test. The streetcar would run mainly along Broadway, and Hill and Figueroa streets, three of downtown's main arteries, connecting various neighbors, including the old banking district, South Park, Civic Center and the fashion district.

Developers — and some residents — see the streetcar as a missing transportation link.

'If you're in New York, or San Francisco or Portland, you forget about your car. You walk, you take public transportation, and you get a much richer experience,' said Scott Denham, vice president at Evoq Properties, a downtown developer. 'The whole concept of being in L.A. and not having to drive to have a whole Saturday or Sunday to experience downtown… It's really not that far off in reality.'

The streetcar is one of two major transportation infrastructure projects planned for downtown. The other is the so-called regional connector, a $1.3-billion, Metropolitan Transportation Authority subway line that would run beneath 2nd Street, linking trains from Pasadena and East L.A. with the Blue Line from Long Beach and Expo Line from Culver City."

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