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2012 Fitness Trends to Watch This Year

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Attention, New Year's resolutionaries! Maybe we should all take our cues from the fitness trends of last year, where the most popular workouts have been fun, short and social. Work out in group classes with your friends, choose easy dance workouts like Zumba, or aim for short 30-minute classes that can fit into anyone's busy schedule.

Excerpt: "From mud races to sweat parties to CrossFit competitions, workouts turned smarter, shorter and more social in 2012, experts say, as fitness was sweetened with a little help from smart phones and friends.

'Everything is about making fitness fun,' said Jenna Autuori-Dedic, senior fitness editor at Fitness Magazine.

Even those grueling indoor cycling classes were a chance to mingle.

'I truly think that spinning was one of the biggest things to come out of 2012,' said Autuori-Dedic. 'They (fitness studios) made it fun. You can go with your friends, match your workout to the music. When you work out with friends, you don't realize you're working out.'...

Donna Cyrus, senior vice president of programming at the Crunch national chain of fitness centers, said dance classes and short, results-driven workouts dominated group fitness.

'Going into 2012 everybody was looking for the next Zumba,' said Cyrus of the Latin-based dance fitness craze. 'We find that people are looking for fun easy-to-follow dance moves.'

Crunch created 2FLY, a dance class based on music of the ‘80's and ‘90's that strives to feel more like a house party than a workout.

The other big trend from 2012, according to Cyrus, is the 30-minute workout.

'Everybody is realizing that you can get results in 30 minute
s,' she said, so this year was also about hard core, body-sculpting, CrossFit-type classes."

 Note: Hunter Communications handles marketing at Burbank Town Center, home to Crunch Fitness Burbank.

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