Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Microsoft Hopes to Boost Struggling "Surface" with Pro Tablet

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Microsoft Surface Pro Targeted at CIOs

Microsoft had high hopes a few months ago that its innovative Surface tablet would take off and become a third major force along with the Ipad and Samsung Galaxy Tab.  Now the initial enthusiasm has turned to worry, and the next hope for the tech giant comes February 9th when the Surface Pro tablet aims at tech professionals.

Excerpt: "Microsoft is trying to position the Surface Pro to CIOs as an ideal replacement for some laptop PCs that can be administered efficiently by IT staff and can run other popular Microsoft office productivity and application development tools, such as Office and Visual Studio. It will also interoperate with other applications businesses use to manage sales contacts or their supply chains, such as Microsoft Dynamics, and can be partitioned using Microsoft’s Hyper-V virtualization technology. Companies will also be able to configure the Surface tablets, issue updates and update applications using many of the Microsoft management tools many customers already own.

The challenge is a difficult one for Microsoft, which is facing an inexorable decline in sales of PCs running its flagship Windows operating system and the rising popularity of tablet computers, notably Apple Inc. ’s iPad and Samsung Electronics Co. ’s Galaxy Tab tablets. It doesn’t help that Microsoft’s Surface tablets, which it has been selling to consumers since the fourth quarter of 2012, haven’t been a big hit, dampening hopes that Microsoft could ride the same tide that swept Apple and Samsung products into the workplace."

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