Thursday, January 24, 2013

Nissan Tests Corporate Scent Branding

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New York Times

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For Nissan, A Designer Fragrance To Float Among Its Cars

For the Paris and now the Detroit Auto Show, stand designers for Nissan paired with Australian scent branding experts Air Aroma to come up with a green tea fragrance described as "modern, fresh, luxurious, and oriental".  Subfloor vaporizers emit such a low level of the fragrance that visitors to the Nissan display may not even notice it but will respond to the emotional triggers of the scent.

Excerpt: "Joel McCall is creative director of George P. Johnson, the firm that designs and builds stands for the Detroit auto show and other auto shows. He walks through the show floor with a different mission from the average visitor.

He spent months strategizing the form of Nissan’s stand, down to every shape, sound — and smell. The stand offers its own brand signature fragrance.

Having filled sight and sound with videos and pounding rock ‘n’ roll, stand designers at the Detroit show are adding another sense: scent. Fragrance is a new channel for branding. Mr. McCall said, 'Smells bring memory, like music brings memories.'

So when Mr. McCall walks the show floor he sees — that is, smells — it differently than most of us. His nose notes mostly background noise: the smells of new carpet and plasticlike high pressure laminate, the rubber and metal of new cars and, perhaps coming from the kitchen behind Audi, a hint of weisswurst. The fragrance is part of a high concept stand design for Nissan. It takes the form of an amphitheater, Mr. McCall said, with rising levels of floor in a circular layout. Overhead, a hovering structure called the halo carries images and lights. The space is supposed to bring people together. Images and sounds play off the walls."

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