Thursday, January 10, 2013

Starbucks Introduces Reusable Cup

New $1 Reusable Plastic Tumbler
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Starbucks Reveals $1 Reusable Cup to Curb Trash

Starbucks continues its quest for "green" alternatives by introducing an inexpensive plastic reusable cup that matches the look of its grande paper cup.  The $1 cup will be rinsed with boiling water to kills germs before each refill, and users will receive a ten-cent discount every time it is used. The chain hopes to reduce the volume of trashed paper cups by encouraging customers to opt for an inexpensive and safe alternative.

Link to article: "Amid public pressure to curb trash from disposable cups, Starbucks is rolling out a novel possible solution Thursday: a $1 reusable tumbler.

The Seattle-based coffee giant will start selling the plastic cups, bearing its logo and resembling the paper version, at all its company-owned stores in the USA and Canada in a bid to get customers to kick their throwaway habit. It will give a dime discount for each refill so the cup pays for itself after 10 uses.

The $1 tumbler is the latest effort to address criticism that food and beverage retailers need to reduce the amount of disposable cups and containers that ends up in landfills or litters streets and waterways. Thousands of people have signed petitions on, a website promoting social change, urging companies to promote reusable options and abandon polystyrene foam packaging, which is rarely recycled."

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