Friday, February 15, 2013

LA Second in the Nation For Traffic Congestion

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Los Angeles Times

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Traffic Congestion in US Remains Steady: LA Area is Second-Worst

Drivers in LA and San Francisco (cities tied for second-worst in traffic congestion) spend an average of 61 hours a year stuck in traffic, far more than the national average of 38 hours.  The good news is, as bad as that sounds, it isn't getting any worse.

Excerpt; "According to the just-released 2012 Urban Mobility Report out of the Texas A&M Transportation Institute, automobile commuters in urban areas are delayed an average of about 38 hours a year in the U.S. in trying to get to work and other destinations because of traffic congestion.

That average delay, according to the institute, has remained about the same for the last couple of years. Of course, this is not much solace to commuters.

'The statistics do not include meetings you might miss, or having to replace the dashboard or padded steering wheel because of frustration we take out on our cars,' said Bill Eisele, a senior research engineer with the institute who co-authored the report.

The delays in congested areas of Los Angeles and Orange counties were -- no surprise -- far worse than the national average. Those commuters spent an average of 61 hours per year in traffic congestion. That was not the worst among urban areas. That dubious honor went to Washington, D.C., with an average of 67 hours stuck in congestion for the average auto commuter.

The L.A./Orange and San Francisco areas were tied for No. 2, followed by New York, Boston, Houston, Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia and Seattle."

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