Friday, February 1, 2013

Meoww! Google Executive Shreds Facebook as Outdated

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Google Exec Rips Facebook as Social Media Net of the Past

On the heels of a recent survey that ranks Google+ as the world's second most popular social media network, the gloves are coming off in the company's rivalry with Facebook. At a November Business Insider's Ignition conference, Bradley Horowitz, a product VP for Google+, claimed Facebook is becoming outmoded, as users are becoming annoyed with clumsily-placed advertising getting in the way of intimate social contact.

Excerpt: "'We're trying to make a product that's ergonomic for the way our attention is wired. We don't think current social products really do that,' he said. 'When you and I are having a conversation, the least opportune thing you can do is have some guy with a sandwich board run between us and try to sell me a sandwich. I'm trying to connect with someone and communicate in that sacred space. It doesn't matter if I like the sandwich... That is the wrong moment to dangle a sandwich in front of me.'

Google, according to Horowitz, is trying to be more holistic about its ad presentation.

'The [proposition] that you're sort of jamming these ads and agendas and sponsored things into user streams is pissing off users and frustrating brands, too,' he added. 'That's not the way the real world works.'

Google is more focused on generating revenue by taking information, such as friend recommendations, from its social network and placing that information into users' search results, Horowitz said.

The interviewer asked if the intention of Google+ is to make Google search better and more relevant.

'I think it's to make them more effective, and by effective that means more useful to users and more useful to brands,' Horowitz answered.

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