Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Metro Tries Boosting Ridership With Faster Commutes

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As Gold Line Ridership Plateaus, Metro Looks to Add Speed

Los Angeles' successful Metro rail system has leveled off ridership increases on its Gold Line Extension to East LA. So now the transit agency is looking into ways to make trains more attractive by increasing speed of commuting along the East LA route.

Excerpt: " The first strategy to increase ridership on the extension is to get the train moving faster. The GLEE includes an underground segment with two subway stations in Boyle Heights, but the majority of the six-mile extension runs at street level and must interact with street lights (it also moves pretty slowly as it curves over the 101 on an elevated bridge). 'Metro is working with City of Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) to look at the potential for increasing speed on the MGLEE and Expo Lines. This will include possible adjustments to traffic signal timing at key intersections. A simulation of full signal pre-emption was conducted on the Metro EXPO Line. Part of the analysis included identification of minor intersections where full signal pre-emption would be useful in increasing speeds. The list of intersections has been provided to LADOT and follow-up meeting is scheduled on January 10th.'

But back to the Gold Line--Metro is looking at Indiana/First Street, Mission/First Street, Alameda/First Street, and other intersections for possible traffic light pre-emption. 'Indiana/First appears to be the primary challenge in the afternoon, with a 5-phase signal cycle with 30-seconds attributed to each phase. The time variance travelling through this intersection can result in up to a 2 minute difference in arrival at Union Station. A simulation test on the MGLEE will be completed by January 25 to identify specific signal phasing improvements. Upon completion of the testing, we will meet with LADOT and/or Los Angeles County Public Works Department to review findings and determine actions going forward.' "

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