Tuesday, February 5, 2013

New Fitness Classes Focus on High Heels

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Workouts in High Heels Really Pump It Up

Some fitness classes promote healthy and safe habits.  And then there are those that recognize our bad habits and focus on harm reduction, making us stronger and safer in the bad things that we are going to do whether they are good for us or not!  New classes across the US aim to empower women to be secure and safe in their high heels.  Kamilah Barrett, "So You Think You Can Dance" alumnus, started the trend with her "Heel Hop" classes in Beverly Hills.

Excerpt: "Some strappy, others colorful, sophisticated, chunky, or wedge-style, the heels are required footwear for this class—Kamilah Barrett's 'Heel Hop' workout.

'I'm not a heel person, but it kind of got me out of my shell,' said Saadiqa Muhammad, a first-time attendee from the San Fernando Valley. 'Having those heels on brought out something extra.'

That's the idea, according to Ms. Barrett, 34 years old, who developed Heel Hop to target the muscles that support a 'relaxed' stance and fluid movement in high heels.

'Heels are really a sport,' she said. 'If you're spending so much money on these heels, why not know how to work them?'...

The Crunch Fitness chain of gyms offers classes called 'Stiletto Strength,' which require attendees to 'bring your own heels.' The class aims to strengthen the legs, abdominals and back to support posture in heels. It also incorporates an aerobic portion where students 'go into "work it girl" mode,' the company says.

There are others who teach versions of high-heeled exercise, such as Stiletto Fitness in Kansas City, Mo., and Vegas Stiletto Fitness, which offers instruction in Denver, Las Vegas, St. Louis and several Texas cities."


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