Thursday, February 21, 2013

Pantone Reveals Ten Top Colors for Fall 2013 Fashion

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It's Not Even Fashion Week Yet, but Pantone has ALREADY revealed the colors for Fall 2013 

Even before the runway shows of New York Fashion week, color experts at Pantone have released their report of the ten top colors for this fall, complete with a description of each shade and why it fills an essential need in the current zeitgeist.

Excerpt: " Just ahead of New York Fashion Week, the global authority on color, Pantone, has revealed the top ten colors for fall 2013, with Deep Lichen Green - a mix of khaki and olive - topping the list.

Explaining the concept behind the fall Fashion Color Report, the company's executive director Leatrice Eiseman told WWD: 'If you ever walked into the forest or the woods when the leaves have fallen, there is such a gorgeous melange of color.

'This palette reflects those wonderful fall colors but at the same time there are colors that bring a certain sturdiness and structure.'...

The company also enlists the help of well-known and influential designers 'to survey them on what colors and themes they will be including in their fall fashions.'

Even technology can influence the next season's color trends, like the availability of new textures and effects that have an impact on color.

Other influences include 'the entertainment industry and films that are in production, traveling art collections, hot new artists...and other socio-economic conditions.'

The tones for next season are mostly neutral, with Vivacious - a vibrant fuchsia - and Koi - a tangerine hue - adding pops of bright color.

Acai, a deep purple the color of acai berries, is second on the list.

And green proves to be a fixture for fall 2013, with three unique shades - including Pantone's official Color of the Year, Emerald - coming in at number three."

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