Friday, February 8, 2013

Victoria's Secret Meets to Discuss "Survivors' Bra"

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Online Survivor's Bra Petition Catches Victoria's Secret's Eye

When breast cancer survivor Debbie Barrett and her daughter Allana Maiden presented an online petition to Victoria's Secret asking the retailer to support breast cancer survivors with a "survivor's bra" for women who wear a prosthetic, they had no idea how far up the corporate structure their plea would reach.  Soon, the VP of communications for Limited Brands, Victoria's Secret's parent corporation, was flying the pair to Columbus to discuss their idea and visit an Ohio State cancer research center financially supported by the company.

Excerpt; "With the online response it didn't take long for the petition to reach the desks of Victoria's Secret's parent company, Limited Brands.

According to ABC News, Tammy Roberts Myers, vice president of external communications for Limited Brands, reached out to Maiden and Barrett, flying them for a stay in Columbus, Ohio and a visit to their headquarters for a meet-and-greet. While there, they also visited Ohio State University's Comprehensive Cancer Center, which is an ongoing recipient of donations from Victoria's Secret, to continue breast cancer research.

'We were just blown away,' said Maiden after the visit to Ohio. 'I didn't know what to expect meeting someone so high in the company. I thought it would just be a pat on the back — "Good job, we can't do it." It was amazing. I do think that [Victoria's Secret] is interested in figuring out how to do this.'

Although the company won't say whether or not they've agreed to follow through with the Survivor's Bra line, I think it's a safe bet that with their ongoing interest in supporting breast cancer research, they'll see this is the perfect public awareness and fundraising campaign."

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